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Monthly Bookpost, October 2012

As my year of Ancient Rome moves into the Second Century AD, the pickings begin to get a little slim. One might even say that the Empire has peaked and is beginning to fail, and that this is reflected in a cultural decline and fall. This month’s major Roman works include histories of the previous century’s emperors, as well as a short collection of satires that fails to surpass Martial’s satirical epigrams from last month. The historical mysteries of the Republican and Vespasian eras, however, continue to delight. And of course, I read much more than just the Roman works. Enjoy!

Little Caesars (Bloodbath! Bloodbath!): The Histories, and lesser works, by Tacitus Collapse )
Emperors Gone Wild: The Twelve Caesars, by Suetonius Collapse )
Hooked on Conics: On Conic Sections, by Apollonius of Perga Collapse )
The Diary of an Old Man: I Will Bear Witness, by Victor Klemperer Collapse )
The Roman Murders: Nobody Loves a Centurion; The Tribune’s Curse; The River God’s Revenge; The Princess and the Pirates, by John Maddox Roberts. Last seen in Palmyra; Time to Depart; A Dying Light in Corduba, by Lindsey Davis. A Murder on the Appian Way; Last Seen in Masilia; A Gladiator Dies Only Once, by Setven Saylor. Collapse )
The Reinforcin' O'The Stereotypes: Castle Rackrent, by Maria Edgeworth Collapse )
Political Geography: American Nations, by Colin Woodard Collapse )
Playing with Fire: Wildlife, by Richard Ford Collapse )
The Naughty Eclogues: Satires, by Juvenal Collapse )
Downton Slaughterhouse: A Judgment in Stone, by Ruth Rendell Collapse )
Forever Young: Methuslah’s Children, by Robert A. Heinlein Collapse )
Coda to the Holocaust: Billiards at Half Past Nine, by Heinrich Boll Collapse )
Don’t Tszuj Too Quickly: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, by the “Fab Five” Collapse )

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Book Post, March 2012

This month, in solidarity with an international protest against the big, internet-censoring Irritainment industry, I boycotted/avoided buying their products for the month. No movies, no television, no albums and no games. I also read only public domain books. That’s why, this month, you’ll find mostly older material and one self-published book that benefited no media/Hollywood conglomerate determined to take away your rights.

Are There No Prisms?: The Elements of Geometry, by Euclid Collapse )
Hot Lesbian Sex!!! Sappho & CatullusCollapse )
Imma be livin’ that GOOD life! The Tusculan Disputations, by Cicero Collapse )
Little Dripper: Love in Excess, by Eliza Haywood Collapse )
Big Dripper: Cecilia, by Fanny Burney Collapse )
Violence Inherent in the System: Eothen, by Alexander Kinglake Collapse )
Don't Be That Guy: He Knew He Was Right, by Anthony Trollope Collapse )
Significant Otter: Tarka the Otter, by Henry Williamson Collapse )
Hammer Time: Berlin Alexanderplatz, by Alfred Doblin Collapse )
I have a feeling we’re not in Colorado any more: Navigation, by Brittney Corrigan Collapse )