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Fifty Two Books Project

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This project is actually inspired by the 50bookchallenge so if this project is not quite your cup of tea, then please go check them out!

I had originally decided to take part in the 50bookchallenge but decided that I wanted an extra challenge. So I am taking it one step further and now my goal is to read 52 books in 52 weeks. Or in other words, One book a week.

I created this community for anyone who may be interested in meeting this challenge to join. Membership is open and unmoderated so please feel free to join. This community was created for encouragement, for like-minded people to meet a goal, and to introduce one's self to other books and authors. Feel free to post progress reports, reviews, discussions, tips and ideas, or just words of encouragement. There are only a couple rules:

01) DO NOT post any spoiler information for any book UNLESS it is placed behind a lj-cut. The text used for the cut must say spoiler. (This includes your user icons).
02) This is supposed to be a challenge and in a challenge you should be pushing yourself. Therefore comic books, graphic novels, novelty books and joke books, do not count.
03) OPTIONAL: Post a prgress report once a month that lists each week and the book completed. For example: Week 1 - March 1st to March 8th: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: J.K. Rowling
04) All books must be AT LEAST 150 pages in order to count.
05) Please do not post advertisements for other communities!

Acceptable Books:
& Classics
& Banned and/or Challenged books
& Poetry
& Plays
& Short Story Anthologies
& Fiction
& Non-Fiction
& E-books
& Biographies and Autobiographies

Please note that you are not limited to one book a week or even only 52 books in one year. It's fantastic if you do more! But I wanted to keep the challenge simple to give everyone a chance. Also, if you have ideas for mini challenge's please feel free to post one. I'll add your Mini Challenge Guidelines to the memories!